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    核心提示:2014年4月3日訊 /生物谷BIOON/ --近日由日本理化研究所(RIKEN)牽頭推動的國際合作項目FANTOM(Functional Annotation of the M

    2014年4月3日訊 /生物谷BIOON/ --近日由日本理化研究所(RIKEN)牽頭推動的國際合作項目FANTOM(Functional Annotation of the Mammalian Genome)放出了第一版人類基因組基因活性精細圖。該精細圖是RIKEN和FANTOM項目組經過多年對人類基因組基因表帶調控的系統性研究所得出的突破性成果。相關的18篇文章已于近日發表在Nature等11本雜志上。

    FANTOM項目是由RIKEN于2000年發起的,旨在建立全方位的人類基因組基因表達數據庫。20個國家和地區的超過250名細胞生物學和生物信息學專家,114個研究所參加到了這個項目中。該項目中所用到的主要技術為RIKEN所發展出的Cap Analysis of Gene expression(CAGE)技術,該技術的優勢在于對于基因表達水平的測定具有更高的敏感性。

    Forrest A.R.R. et al. A promoter level mammalian expression atlas. Nature (2014)doi:10.1038/nature13182.Andersson, R. et al. An atlas of active enhancers across human cell types and tissues. Nature (2014) doi:10.1038/nature12787(生物谷Bioon.com)


    FANTOM, a large international consortium led by RIKEN releases today the first comprehensive map of gene activity across the human body, and provides the first holistic view of the complex networks that regulate gene expression across the wide variety of cell types that make up a human being. These findings will help in the identification of genes involved in disease and the development of personalized and regenerative medicine.

    After many years of concerted effort to systematically analyze the expression of genes in all human cells and tissues, RIKEN and the FANTOM consortium publish the findings today in two landmark Nature reports, and 16 related articles in ten other scholarly journals.

    The papers published in Nature describe maps of promoters and enhancers - short regions of DNA that influence the activity of genes - encoded in the human genome, and their activity across the vast wealth of human cell types and tissues of the human body. Together with the other studies published by FANTOM5, this data provides the first complete view of the networks regulating transcription across all cell types.

    The FANTOM project (for Functional Annotation of the Mammalian genome) is a RIKEN initiative launched in 2000 to build a complete library of human genes using the capabilities offered by new, state-of-the-art cDNA technologies. Over 250 experts in primary cell biology and bioinformatics from 114 institutions based in more than 20 countries and regions worked as part of FANTOM 5, the 5th edition of the project, to produce the 18 studies published today.

    Using a highly sensitive technique called Cap Analysis of Gene expression (CAGE), developed at RIKEN, the researchers monitored the activity of promoters and enhancers across over 180 human primary cells. They identified 180,000 promoters and 44000 enhancers on the genome and find that the activity of the large majority of these transcriptional regulation regions is highly specific to cell type.

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